Golden water revitalisation for the future

Golden water

for the future


The golden Water revitalisation for

the future

The Visiona water revitalisation device consists of two clay half shells of the same size that have been coated with the purest 999 gold. The shell cavities have been filled with information water. This water originates from the Aouyash spring and has been charged and instilled with information using quantum field techniques.

Visiona, the golden water revitalisation of the future, always emanates the frequency of the divine order for all areas: For people, plants and animals. The vision of pure, healthy, living water is ever-present.

The important part: Always use both half shells – as both half shells constantly resonate with one another and only through this communication can the energy field take full effect. Just like in our cells, interaction is needed. 

Visiona is holistically aligned with the laws of the Fibonacci spiral. This means that the principle of width, expansion and infinity is anchored in all primordial information of this water.

The perfect companion for all
your adventures.
But also at home for revitalising water bottles and glasses.

Simply connect to your pipe at home or
under the sink
so you can enjoy the best revitalised and
informed water.

Water revitalisation for your entire home.
Secure the Visiona Home on your
main water line and enjoy the
Visiona water in your bathroom and kitchen.

 Unique features



  • Information water

  • Hand crafted clay

  • The purest 999 gold

    Visiona water revitalisation is made in Germany.

    Only the finest materials of the highest quality are used for it. 

Natural clay

Using unprocessed clay ensures that the water information has a high range. Hand crafted in Germany, the clay provides the perfect material for our Visiona water revitalisation devices.

999 = gold frequency

Every cell of our incredible body has gold in it. Gold is very important for our body. It is not only an ‘information carrier’, but is also of vital importance for our holistic rejuvenation. Only if your body has enough gold via our pineal gland can rejuvenation occur. The gold impulse activates gold production by the pineal gland so that it activates our cells and our entire organism. Water becomes softer, more accessible (through purity) for the body and cells with a finer taste. Visiona carriers this gold frequency, which is transported directly in our cells through the information water.

information water


No substance can carry as much information as water. Water molecules can connect to form an endless number of unique combinations.

“Only water speaks the language of water”

Water is always in motion and any movement can change it.

Water reacts to every thought, sound, colour, to all minerals and everything that comes in contact with this elixir of life. Good spring water always has a very orderly inner structure. This shows that water is in resonance with the elements and the natural laws of the cosmos. No other material can store as much information as water!
Only water speaks the language of water!

As a result, water requires corresponding water information.

All matter serves as a carrier for individual information, structures and vibrations.

Rocks, for example, have rock information, plants have plant information and trees have tree information.

This natural information gives rise to divine resonance and perfection.

Divine order = ordered togetherness on all levels in love.


Food and drink

Visiona water revitalisation can quickly improve the flavour of water and the well-being of our body. More energy and increased concentration are the result.


Animals start to drink more water. The fur is softer and shiny and the skin regains the ability for regenerations. Visiona can show this already after a short time.


Watering plants

Plants can respond very positively to well-structured water. Faster, more powerful growth as well as more intense colours and fragrances are potential results.


Softer, healthier skin, increased vitality, improved regeneration. Visiona can do all that in a short time.

Original Visiona accessories

Visiona will soon be offering corresponding glasses and carafes
as well as stickers and coasters for your home or restaurant.

Individual solutions

for hotels, restaurants and industrial businesses