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Visiona association for
research and education

The organisation is registered as the ‘Visiona association for research and education’, deals with holistic health care issues, and is based in Salzburg. It operates within Austria and can, if required, provide its services in any number of foreign countries. The intention is to establish branch offices and cooperative agreements. In its statutes ‘§2’ refers to the association’s purpose. The association was not founded to generate profit. Its purpose is to aid the recovery on our wonderful earth on all levels, and find/rediscover the natural balance between mankind, animals and the natural world. The association is particularly interested in the field of healthy water. Reconstructed water must be available to our phenomenal planet. The association believes it is essential to be aware of connections or bonds between all things, and thus considers the protection of nature, animals and the environment to be a vital and fundamental issue. Similarly, the support for holistic health care at all levels is another key aspect of the work of the association. Every aspect of the purpose of the association is informed by holistic research in these fields with a view to achieving implementation, sustainability and their resultant (positive) effects. On-going education, further training and the exchange of knowledge and experiences are essential to the work of the association. Another of its goals is the neutralisation of the pollutive and burdensome effects of modern civilisation by initiating activities that protect the environment and aid the recovery of humankind, animals and nature in general – as well as encouraging general and environmental wellbeing.

The purposes of the association are to be served via the listed material and immaterial means. Immaterial means are ones such as the development, design, implementation and accompaniment of research, educational and environmental protection projects (also including the protection of nature and animals), implementation of sponsored pro-health projects, research into holistic, health-promoting methods and strategies, research into health based on the interconnectivity of body, spirit and soul, material and invisible world cooperation between people in and with living communities, organisations, associations and sundry state and private institutions, activities to heal the earth and its creatures, in appreciation of nature and the earth, encouragement of peace, also via activities aimed at healing the earth and all life on it, research into water, water quality, the behaviour of water particles and substances and all manner of environmental and consciousness influences, and cooperation between like-minded individuals, researchers, backers, interested parties, holistic education for people and regarding the natural intelligence of the environment, exchange of knowledge and experience and their communication, gatherings and meetings on the coordination of association interests, the staging of communal events, staging of association meetings to recruit members, participation at events, create market conditions for achieving the purposes of the association, active involvement at public events, creation of a website, the distribution of message sheets, association magazines, publications, newsletters, publicity presentations, gatherings, discussion evenings, workshops, seminars, conferences, webinars.

Membership of the association is open to every physical human being, legal individual and legal partnership. Acquisition of membership requires submission of an application for induction. The president of the association decides who may be inducted as an ordinary, extraordinary or honorary member. Membership can be refused without the provision of any reasons.

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