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Visiona V2


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Material: Ceramic gold-coated half-pipes
Contents: Information water / Visiona Essenz
Interior: DN 15 - DN 20, ∅ 1/2" - 3/4"
Exterior: ∅ 21,3 - 26,9 mm
Thickness: 2,65 mm
Flow volume / year: up to 90m³

Product description

Visiona V2 is ideal for single water mains connections as found in flats, water conduits to huts, and in small office units etc.
Installation is very simple: Customers can use cable binders to attach Visiona to the pipe carrying the water to be revitalised. This simple installation method allows Visiona to be removed and installed in another chosen location whenever required.

Visiona V2 is easy to transport to make healthy, revitalised water available everywhere. Visiona V2 is also a wonderful means of revitalising one’s own body, since the energy of Visiona has a harmonious effect on cell water, thus also on your blood.
Simply position the two half-pipe chambers to the left and right of the water to be revitalised, or your body, for an immediate supply of healthy and revitalised (cell) water.

Visiona V2 has been designed to process water at a volumetric flow rate of 90 m³ and harmonises surrounding water, air, foods and all fluids within a radius of 18m in this field.

Visiona V products are manufactured in Germany, and visioned and filled in Austria.
All Visiona products are maintenance-free, so there are no running costs. Simple handling means there are no installation costs.

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31. March 2021

I’ve been drinking Visiona water since February 2021. It’s an elixir of life, like pure and refreshing spring water from the mountains.

Ever since Visiona water began flowing through our heating pipes and radiators the quality of the air in the house has also been enhanced significantly. It’s not as dry as it was, it’s easier to breathe, and the plants in the rooms are also thriving and growing prodigiously. We’re using smaller amounts of cleaning agents, particularly in the kitchen and the bathroom. I have the feeling that the laundry coming out of the washing machine, regardless of the fibres, is softer and the colours more vibrant than before. I use organic soaps and softeners anyway. Even when no water had run into the basin for a while there used to be an unpleasant odour, but with Visiona water the smell is no longer there. The water is less acidic than it was previously. According to the manufacturer, when natural Visiona water is used for a longer period of time the deposits and calcification in the pipes disappear. That makes me think of the deposits we may have in our arteries and veins. Once they have dissolved, we can enjoy better health again.

D-Shanany Carmen Lanthaler

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