Golden water revitalisation for the future

Visiona’s Visiona :



Pure, clear and healthy water for all people, animals and plants on this planet! 

Golden water revitalisation for the future

Visiona – the future is always now!

Visiona water revitalisation is at work everywhere – with the frequency of the divine order for people, animals and plants. The field of health and perfection is ever present.
Visiona water revitalisation can take effect in our body, cells – just by drinking water, showering in it and watering our plants. It spurs growth in our gardens and parks promoting regeneration in our water bodies and seas.

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Interview by LändleTV with Peter Ritter about Visiona water revitalisation on 30 September 2018

Healthy and vital Water…


Depending on the structure, information and orientation, water has a different effect on humans. Water informed and revitalized by Visiona fills us with infinite energy, vitality, strength, breadth, joie de vivre and pure happiness. It also has a positive effect on the flora and fauna. For everything is a strengthening of the entire living organism, for the vitality of the entire immune system and the self-regeneration.


Aouyash spring

The Aouyash spring has its source in the spectacular Au in the Bregenzerwald. This ancient alp is the home of this gigantic spring and welcomes every person.

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@Visiona in social media

The Visiona Association

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Water togetherness  I align myself – with the future!

The vision of togetherness leads us to the vision of the water: Visiona embodies a holistic principle. It harnesses the conductivity of water for positive programming. This concept is effective both inside and out; it strengthens the connection between our body, spirit and soul. When we harness our abilities and want to live healthily, this happens both inside and out.

I’m aligning myself!

Concentrate on this theme, provide impulses, inside and out. The bond between inside and out is important. With Visiona, I am opting for vital water that says yes to life, for nourishment from a new age.

The future is now!

Visiona provides water with an ideal structure and realigns it with its origin. It reconnects with the original frequencies of the Creation principle:

– Vitality

– Purity = perfection in all that is

– Appreciation 

– Health

– Peace

– Togetherness

– A bountiful life

– Thankfulness 

– Alignment with visions of the future

– Divine order

– Reminder

– Love


How much effort is required to set up Visiona?
Setting up Visiona requires minimal effort. You can attach Visiona water revitalisation to your main water line with the enclosed fasteners. You can find a detailed description with pictures below (link) – that’s it. There are also no additional service and maintenance costs of any kind. This one-time set-up takes no more than 5 minutes and ideally two people.
I rent an apartment and don't have access to the main water line?
That’s no problem whatsoever. As Visiona water revitalisation revitalises everything containing water within a radius of 9 metres, setting up Visiona water revitalisation near the water supply line in your apartment is sufficient. So setting up the two half shells in your apartment revitalises all plants, all food, but also the floor heating.
Why is Visiona coated with real gold?
On one hand, the frequency of gold is important for transmitting information to the water to be vitalised as gold is responsible for communication. Without gold, data could not be transferred via mobile phones, televisions, computers etc. Visiona water revitalisation harnesses this and, with all-natural materials, has created a work of wonder when it comes to the rapid transfer of information.

The frequency of gold is also crucial to our health. After all, every organism contains gold and the body is designed to produce gold in order to keep the body healthy and vital. Various factors have led the production of gold in our bodies to be diminished. The gold frequency of Visiona water revitalisation also stimulates this capacity in our body and in plants. As a result, our telomeres start to grow again, our body becomes more vital and cell rejuvenation can be stimulated again.

Does Visiona water revitalisation also work with hard water?
Visiona makes the information accessible to the water again allowing the water to purge itself of the lime. This means that water gets softer again, sticks less and there are no more deposits. This makes cleaning much easier and requires much less cleaner, which in turn benefits the environment.
I have already installed a water conditioning device in my home/apartment. Does this water conditioning device interfere with Visiona water revitalisation?
No. On the contrary. It is always a good thing when water is purified or revitalised, regardless in what form. Visiona water revitalisation merely provides water with the impulse to come back to life so that the perfect energy water carries in it is once again available. This is incredibly important when it comes to purified or filtered water as in most cases its vitality has been removed.
Does Visiona have any effect on our immune system or the immune system of plants and animals?
Yes. Water that has been revitalised by Visiona has a very strong effect on our immune system. This is because the vital energy in healthy water with a clear structure makes it fully available to cells. This makes it much easier for the body to take care of detoxifying itself and supplying us with the energy of togetherness at the cellular level with vital water. This reinvigorates our immune system so that the body is much less susceptible to illness.

We were able to test this very strong effect on plants in various areas. The healthier a plant is, the less susceptible it is to pests. This in turn means that much less fertiliser and pesticides have to be used.


ich nutze Visiona nun seit etwa einem Jahr und bin nur noch begeistert egal ob zum Trinken oder für die Blumen – die Fülle, welche sich offenbart – im Innen wie im Außen –  ist einfach gigantisch … J. Schön

Ich bin absolut begeistert: In erster Linie von meiner Lust, Wasser zu trinken. Es ist genial, es schmeckt einfach so viel besser… Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich jemals einen Unterschied feststelle – doch dieser ist enorm. Ich bin super glücklich! Jan P.

Was soll ich sagen – ich bin dabei! Ich finde die Philosophie von Visiona sehr bewegend und freue mich Teil dieser neuen Zeit zu sein! Malte Fröhlich