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Visiona in agriculture

Revitalising liquid manure

Reference project commenced in spring 2019

20m² of liquid manure / open top + rainwater

First impressions

  • Hard floating crust approx. 25 – 30cm thick
  • Floating crust exhibits cracks
  • Intensive smell
visiona wasser guelle 1

Changes after 4 days

It rained during this period

  • Floating crust now wet
  • Bubbles can be clearly seen in the cracks
visiona wasser guelle 2

Changes after another 4 days

  • Floating crust splits apart in several places
  • The entire floating crust moves when it is poked with an object
visiona wasser guelle 3

Changes after another 22 days

  • Only a thin floating crust remains
  • Easily broken up if poked
  • Bubbles can be seen
  • Outer temperature approximately 30°C
  • Liquid manure gives off a surprisingly neutral odour
visiona wasser guelle 4

Further observations necessary

  • Floating crust
  • Distribution of liquid manure on the fields
  • Odour during distribution
  • Effects on soil, fields and vegetation
  • Effects of liquid manure on plants
visiona wasser landwirtschaft guelle

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