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Visiona P2


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6.252,00  incl. VAT

Material: V2A stainless steel coated with genuine (24-karat) gold
Contents: 7800 Gramm
Exterior: ∅ 210 mm
Contents: 1998 ml / sphere information water / Visiona Essenz
Revitalised volume:  up to 220 m³ of liquid

Product description

The benefits of this Visiona product line:

  • Stabilises your water (remains fresher longer)
  • Enhanced and finer taste
  • Water becomes softer
  • PH value neutralised, thus reducing corrosion
  • Nitrate concentrations reduced
  • Creates a viable environment for microorganisms that cleanse the water, thus reducing the presence of harmful bacteria and germs
  • Less calcification and calcium carbonate can be more easily removed
  • Less algae growth
  • Swimming pools cleaned more thoroughly
  • Savings on chemical treatments and cleaning agents
  • Revitalisation of liquid manure involves improved oxygen production (improved smell, better for plants, floating crust softened)
  • Improves detoxification of the body
  • Improved skin compatibility
  • Strengthens the immune system of humans, animals and plants
  • Deletes all information related to heavy metals
  • Humans and animal are attracted to revitalised water and drinking more of it
  • Returns all forms of life to their own visions
  • Improved plant growth and greater yields

All Visiona products work effectively for an unlimited period

Installation is very simple: The accessory is suitable for contact with drinking water and is used to position the Visiona P2 in the vessel containing the water to be revitalised. Installation is very simple and can be easily conducted by the customer him/herself. This simple installation method allows Visiona to be removed and installed in another chosen location whenever required.

Visiona P2 has been designed to process water at a volumetric flow rate of 220 m³ and harmonises surrounding water, air, foods and all fluids within a radius of 36m in this field.

Visiona stainless steel products are manufactured in Germany, and visioned and filled in Austria.
All Visiona products are maintenance-free, so there are no running costs. Simple handling means there are no installation costs.

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  • Drinking water fountains, fruit juices, milk, wine tanks, spirits containers, drinking water reservoirs, source water wells
  • Bathing ponds, swimming pools, biotopes
  • Water cisterns
  • Drinking water troughs
  • Rivers, streams
  • Slurry pits, sewage plants
  • Industrial plants (in process water)
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