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Who is Visiona?

We are the gold of this planet!

Humans continuously produce gold in their pineal glands. Our bodies are large and powerful alchemists – one of the miracles of nature. The less gold the pineal gland produces, the less energetic the body feels and the more the aging process takes effect, so it’s important to guarantee the purity and vitality of our water. It is essential to supply the body with clean and enlivened water. Purification of, and via, the pineal gland occurs when water has been recharged to the right energy levels and the production of gold is triggered.

We would like to share our experience with you, so you enjoy the sensation of life, and the life available in every cell. This is a gift in its own right, and one we wish to share with the rest of the planet.

The vision & the visionary

Peter Ritter – Au im Bregenzerwald / Austria

Peter Ritter – Water ambassador

It was my privilege to grow up in a large farming family, sitting around the dining table with 8 siblings and living in harmony with nature. Even in my childhood I was already fascinated by the marvels of nature – how everything was interconnected, interacted, mutually built and dependant upon all other things. I was interested in the bigger picture!

I worked up in several high alpine locations as a cattle herder, and where over 100 cows still had to be milked by hand. Just having a small lamp for milking at night was a luxury. We could only have jam on our bread in August, once the blueberries were ripe enough. A horse was the only means of transport, and all the possessions I could take in the summer had to fit into my rucksack. I often think about how simple life was back then.

I spent more than 30 summers herding and milking up in the high-altitude pastures. In that time I learned that every creature’s milk was different, and that water was different everywhere, too. Water soon became my raison d’etre. These were profound revelations and I was accompanied by the very best teacher – nature itself. What I find most difficult is the fact that many people have closed their minds, allowed themselves to be manipulated, reprogrammed, misled and misinformed in so many ways.

I established the ‘Ur-Alp’ in Au in the Bregenzerwald region in 2003 in order to make my philosophy available to a wider audience. My slogan was, and remains:

“Nature is the only true teacher”

I would like to see all forms of life have the chance to return to its natural origins. I am very grateful to be working with some of the very best people in the field, and that in 2017 we developed the Visiona water revitalisation system, creating an opportunity to make the results available to the rest of humanity.

I’m delighted and privileged to be a facilitator of quantum field energies. Visiona enables us to give back the most primal information in water to every place and every form of life, and to secure the natural order of Fibonacci spirals once again.

My biggest wish is to see all human, animal and vegetable life enjoy pure, healthy and clean drinking water – and rejoice at this gift. Visiona water allows every form of life to realise its own vision.

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