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Water is a means of communication

Water reacts to every thought, sound and colour, to all minerals and to everything that comes into contact with this wonderful elixir of life. Pure spring water always has a clear and well-ordered structure, which has been scientifically proven and made visible by a variety of methods. This shows that water is a living substance in resonance with the elements and cosmic laws of nature. Water is our greatest information carrier, and saves everything with which it comes into contact. The energy transmitted to the water is revealed here (image – left) while the half-pipe chambers were being photographed.

Fibonacci spirals

The Fibonacci spiral is a natural growth pattern; an exact sequence of numbers that repeats itself endlessly in the natural world, and forms the basis for life on this wonderful planet of creativity. When constructed, this precise sequence forms a spiral shape that can be observed far into the galaxies. These natural growth patterns are reflected in the energy of Visiona.

Visiona uses this natural information and passes it back to humans, animals and vegetation by way of their water. The power of nature fortifies the immune systems of all life forms, naturally reconstructing life spirals in telomeres.


The use of the two Visiona half-pipe chambers of the water visioning device is simply achieved by fastening them around your main water pipe with cable binders. Pyramids and spheres are also easy to deploy in a variety of situations, either hung up in a room or stood in a specific location to visionise everything within the room. Pyramids and spheres can also be placed in collecting basins and tanks, and can be used with ease and versatility.

Visiona always uses both halves of the elements in combination as the only way to ensure an exchange of information. They are placed around the main water conduit and attached with cable binders to enable the water passing through the centre of the Visiona half-pipes to pick up the necessary primal information. Remember, Visiona must be protected from frost!

Visiona requires no service or maintenance work and there is no time limit to its effective period of use.

There is no time limit to the effective period of use of a Visiona unit.

It’s important to ensure the half-pipe chambers are installed in a frost-free location. Apart from this, Visiona is easy to use and can be installed almost anywhere.
Gold is an important messenger in the communication process. Gold facilitates the transmission of Visiona water messaging to all surrounding fluids. The body’s own gold production in the pineal glands is activated via the frequency of Gold 999. Gold is also an important messenger substance in the human body and can be found in every cell in our bodies, performing important functions for our health and vitality. It facilitates cell communication, encourages Telomere growth and the resultant cell rejuvenation.

Visiona can be deployed at any time. Retrofitted units help to clean pipes and collection basins of residues.

Absolutely! Visiona is effective and informs the water with living source information – so it makes good sense for everyone, all flora and fauna, whoever and wherever they are.

Visiona works purely according to the laws of nature and is informed by quantum field science. Hence, Visiona contains the original order of all life for a positive influence on the surrounding environs, since it re-establishes this primal order of life.

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