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Application & function

How does Visiona work?

Water has the capacity to save and transport every single item of information. It’s a natural property Visiona taps into in order to transform harmful information and guarantee the stable transportation via elements bearing living and revitalising information.
Each of Visiona’s visioning devices consists of two chambers that contain information-bearing water assembled according to the principles of the Fibonacci spiral. Fibonacci spirals contain all the components found in life on earth. The purest available Gold 999 coats both chambers. Gold is important for all life on our planet. It’s antibacterial and has been always been valued for its excellent curative powers. It provides protection and helps to activate gold production in the pineal gland. There is gold in every cell in our bodies and it is important for cell communication and bodily rejuvenation, encouraging telomeres to grow again.

(Book recommendation: The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer by Nobel Prize Winner Elizabeth Blackburn)

Visiona’s energy field radiates 9m in all directions in ceramic half-pipes – or with a diameter of 18m. The energy field for spheres and pyramids is even greater at 18m – in a total diameter of 36m. All water conduits, foods, plants, people and animals within the energy field feel the benefits as it aids harmonisation of all radiation fields within range.

Visiona is particularly important for all life on earth in today’s world. The environment is under extreme pressure, and our water supply brings these burdens into our homes. Every choice in favour of Visiona helps to reboot the vitality of the natural cycle to allow us to work together to create a revitalised and re-energised future for our children.

Visiona comes in a variety of versions, each custom-manufactured to our needs, and tailored for use in everyday life. Visiona is a first step toward boosting the vitality and energy life on earth requires. That’s the Visiona vision. To lead an energetic life – together. Free and unique.

Water is a pure form of intelligence. Water reacts to every thought, every sound and every colour.

Where does Visiona work?

Our bodies

Water is life! The water in our cells is an elixir of life and is essential to good health. So, it’s even more important to recognise the significance of maintaining the purity, quality and geometric order in our water. Cell water has supreme geometry, and the quality and purity of this water is essential for the life of every single cell. Cell water forms the living environment of each cell, and is therefore a decisive element in the quality of life! Visiona rebuilds the geometric order of cell water to provide an ideal environment for the good health of the cell. This process also aids detoxification within the human body. Visiona’s gold frequency stimulates the production of gold in the pineal gland and encourages telomeres to grow again.


Animals are particularly sensitive in regard to water and are naturally attuned to this healthy and vital elixir of life. Visiona offers a natural means of returning acidic water to a more neutral or slightly alkaline range, making it better to ingest and more suited to bodily regeneration. Fur begins to shine again; animals are livelier and more easily able to discharge toxins and traces of environmental pollution from their bodies. The frequency of gold stimulates the body’s ability to produce gold in animals too, creating the right conditions for Telomere growth.


Visiona is used in the processing of liquid manure. Visiona devices are lowered into the manure tanks, rapidly initiating the process of creating healthy humus. A stinking, over-acidic mass of liquid manure soon becomes neutralised, moving gradually towards mild alkalinity, ameliorating the odour and changing its consistency. The manure becomes more fluid, drops off plants more readily and is more easily absorbed into the soil. Oxygen is assimilated, consequently encouraging increased plant growth for another way in which Visiona contributes to the healthy recovery of soil. When the process has neutralised the PH value of the agricultural earth, it can be used to produce healthy animal feed and human food.


The use of Visiona water in the manufacture of foods very quickly induces greater yields. Revitalised water structure stimulates more strident plant growth and reduces the need for fertilisers. Similarly, the flavours of the foods cultivated change, too, becoming revitalised and more intensive. Foods can be kept for longer periods – an obvious benefit for every household, and for the sea freight industry.


Living, structurally unspoilt water bodies provide an excellent environment for beneficial microorganisms. The growth of useful microorganisms helps to minimise the presence of detrimental substances and to create and ideal milieu for the regeneration of each body of water. Once the process has started, the regeneration begins to spread, informing the surrounding water. Visiona gradually informs and regenerates all ambient water, ultimately becoming mixed with water all over the planet. Harmful bacteria lose their required environment and the harmful information, hormones and traces of medication are deleted.

Surroundings and energy fields

As soon as Visiona has been installed in a building, an energy field with a radius of 18 metres begins to take effect. The power of Visiona ensures everything within this energy field begins to restructure itself and to self-revitalise. The field also acts as a protective buffer against electro-smog and WLAN radiation, exuding a sensation of being in harmony with our surroundings, strongly influencing the energy we share with each other.

Spa, health and beauty

After a short period, skin becomes softer and the complexion improves. Vitality is boosted and there is visible regenerative improvement. Perfusion is stimulated and the sensation of wellbeing enhanced. By installing Visiona, hotels have managed to reduce the use of chlorine by 50% in their spa areas, enabling hoteliers to make great savings, increase the wellbeing of their guests and remove the pervasive chlorination smell in the indoor pool areas.

For waste water &
water utilisation cycles

Water is a sensitive element and serves as the major carrier of structural information. As inhabitants of this planet, we need to treat it with the respect and care it deserves. When water is endowed with the capacity to self-regenerate, it’s a revolutionary step for the whole planet. Every Visiona device installed contributes to environmental recovery and the self-regeneration of waste water, hence to the natural cycle of water usage and – step by step – to the recovery of all bodies of water on our wonderful planet of creativity.

For homes & industries

Structured, revitalised Visiona water reduces calcification and rust build-up in pipes, machinery and devices. Changes to the water allow the use of chlorine and other chemicals to be greatly reduced. A drop in the amount of cleaning agents and detergents used is achieved rapidly. Visiona ensures there is less pollution in waste water and provides a special foundation for even greater cost reductions.

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