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Visiona V3


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1.840,00  incl. VAT

Material: Ceramic gold-coated half-pipes
Interior: DN 25 - DN 32, ∅ 1" - 1 1/4"
Exterior: ∅ 33,7 - 42,4 mm
Thickness: 3,25 mm
Contents: Information water / Visiona Essenz
Flow volume / year: up to 400 m³

Product description

Our bestseller!

Visiona V3 is ideal for single water mains connections as found in small family homes, semi-detached houses, small apartment blocks and offices etc.
Installation is very simple: Customers can use cable binders to attach Visiona to the pipe carrying the water to be revitalised. This simple installation method allows Visiona to be removed and installed in another chosen location whenever required.

Visiona V3 is also a wonderful means of revitalising one’s own body, since the energy of Visiona has a harmonious effect on cell water, thus also on your blood.
Simply position the two half-pipe chambers to the left and right of your body for an immediate supply of healthy and revitalised cell water.

Visiona V3 has been designed to process water at a volumetric flow rate of 400 m³ and harmonises surrounding water, air, foods and all fluids within a radius of 18m in this field.

Visiona V products are manufactured in Germany, and visioned and filled in Austria.
All Visiona products are maintenance-free, so there are no running costs. Simple handling means there are no installation costs.

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30. March 2021

In December 2018 we had the quality of the drinking water from our own source analysed by the laboratory in St. Michael. The samples taken from the taps in the kitchen were not good enough to drink; partly because they were strongly polluted with E. coli and enterococci.

In April 2019, once the winter was over, we took another sample from the source and took it to the same laboratory for analysis. This water corresponded with the stipulations of the official drinking water standards as regards the parameters under evaluation. There was no pollution in the source anymore, and impurities and deposits could only be found further downstream in the collection basin and the pipes to the house. The only explanation we could find was that the liquid manure somehow seeped into and polluted the collection basin.

In July 2019 the material faults were remedied and a new collection basin with new pipe conduits were purchased. In August 2019 the Visiona system was installed and in October 2019 I submitted a sample of the water in the kitchen for analysis. According to the lab results, the nitrate levels were still too high for drinking water approval, but there were no more E. coli and enterococci present.

In March 2020 we had another drinking water evaluation, taking the sample from the tap in the kitchen, and this time the water quality passed the test. The analysis only highlighted one result that was three time higher than the first test in October 2018, and that was the UV translucency – a factor not detrimental to drinking water quality.

In March 2020 a friend tested the PH value of our water. The source water registered 5.6 and the Visiona water from the kitchen registered 6.0. In the process of measuring the PH value we saw, very clearly, that the Visiona water was immaculate and pure, while the water straight from the source contained numerous impurities that probably came from the pipes.

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