Golden water revitalisation for the future

The Power of water

for your body, mind and spirit

“When you get to know yourselves, illness ceases –

When you learn to love yourselves, awareness begins!”

Aouyash, Korfu 2018

The future begins with Visiona

Visiona water revitalisation is at work everywhere – with the frequency of the divine order for people, animals and plants. The field of health and perfection is ever present. Visiona water revitalisation can take effect in our body, cells – simply by drinking water, showering in it, watering our plants and returning it to the natural cycle.

Visiona revitalises all our living space and is effective within a radius of 18m.

It invigorates growth in our gardens and parks spurring regeneration in our water bodies and seas. Installation makes sense in homes, hotels, restaurants, nurseries – wherever water flows.

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Water – Our power of life

The power and influence of water is gigantic. The knowledge stored in him and the clearly recognizable crystalline structure amaze humanity again and again.
If the topic is still new to you, we recommend this movie.
The film gives you an insight into the fantastic world of water.

Global Water projects

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Structure of water:

The golden vision for the water

Water is always in motion and any movement can anchor water. Water reacts to every thought, sound, colour, to all minerals and everything that comes in contact with this elixir of life. Good spring water always has a very orderly inner structure.

This shows that water is in resonance with the elements and the natural laws of the cosmos.

No substance can carry as much information as water. Water is communication. As a result, water requires corresponding water information.


Primordial information of water

Visiona – source of health

Visiona is a carrier of information water, which has been instilled with information using quantum field techniques.

This primordial information such as vitality, protection, basic trust, stability, vitality, love, harmony, vastness, peace, completeness and togetherness are anchored in the water as primordial DNA code. Water revitalised by Visiona regains its naturally ordered structure.

Visiona restores the primordial frequency of the water, its natural strength, unity, a strengthened immune system and a greater ability to regenerate oneself

Every cell in my body is happy

A person has approx. 8 billion cells. Every individual cell communicates with other cells via cell water. Every cell has a small DNA spiral with telomeres at its end. They are of critical importance to our ageing process and how ‘we perceive happiness’. Every lifeform has gold in its body that is produced via the pineal gland and reaches our cells via the cell water.

Nobel prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn and  Elissa Epel have studied the telomere effect in-depth and brilliantly described it in their book “The Tolemere Effect”.

We celebrate the togetherness with mother nature

Awareness always follows attention! I align myself so that my attention is focused on visions of the future! I am once again part of the flow of life…