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Visiona reviews

Audio review by: Christopher Bothe

Christopher Bothe

What I have experienced since I purchased my Visiona:

1. The detoxification capacity of my body increased. In the second night with a Visiona I went to bed at 00:30. Somehow, I felt ‘charged’, a feeling I knew well from intensive detox therapies that free up all kinds of heavy metals and toxins. I got up again at 01:00, carried on working and drank lots of water. Around 03:20, I went to lie down. When I finally rose, and it must have been well into the morning, I saw I had two spots on my forehead. Even as a teenager I never really suffered from a spotty complexion. I only had them when my body was significantly detoxifying, and even then I didn’t always have them. For me it was a clear sign that the frequency boost provided by Visiona had released extra energy for the detoxification process.

2. As people who have read about me before will know, for the past five years I have had problems with my hip. After an accident a number of very painful changes occurred to my entire body, starting with my hips. Extreme asymmetry triggered pain in a whole range of areas. As soon as I began to use my Visiona I noticed changes. Initially the pain even increased, the so-called ‘Herxheimer reaction’ or ‘initial aggravation’, and my gait changed too. There was pain in the body as the rigid structures began to uncramp. Once these firm structures began to ease up the process of healing was able to commence, everything began to centre out, and my muscles and tendons began to relax. After the first two days the pain went away and I was obviously delighted.

3. I’ve been interested in the issue of health for a very long time now and have drunk very pure, highly-energised water for years. The way Visiona informs the water has also led to noticeable changes. One remarkable benefit was the significant improvement in my overall mood. I simply feel better in general. The plants I’ve chosen to cultivate this year are really flourishing – faster than I can ever remember. The water in our house is generally softer than it was, which is above all noticeable when I shower. My hair and skin feel far softer. I’m dreaming more intensely and remembering more details. I know exactly what to do to be happy, and act accordingly.

I spent a lot of the first 3 days at home with the Visiona set sitting with my grandparents. Naturally, I took along my Visiona pyramids everywhere I went. My grandfather couldn’t stop chatting, and here it’s important to note that both of my grandparents are in their mid-80s and on numerous courses of medication. With that in mind they often need a long time to find the words they need. Since we brought Visiona into the house my grandfather’s been speaking very lucidly about the past – as if it had just happened. I was really surprised, particularly since he couldn’t stop recounting stories; and so humorously we all had to laugh.

Visiona is truly a gift for humanity and for the planet.

Models purchased:
Visiona V1, V3, Vision K1, Visiona P1
Visiona and the oceans of the world

Visiona and the oceans of the world
Visiona mission is to provide the planet and its inhabitants with new sources of healthy, revitalised water, so the world’s oceans and the shipping traffic that navigates them play a major part in achieving this vision.
In pursuit of the vision Visiona has managed to get a wonderful and attractive project on board in the shape of ‘Running on Waves’. The installation of 2 Visiona devices to the diesel generators very quickly led to a remarkable drop of around 25% in the consumption of fuel. If these savings were applied to all shipping it would be easy to imagine the benefits for the environment.
A further 2 devices were installed for the water processing and waste water systems, since which time they have had a positive effect on both the water on board, and on the ocean water with which ‘Running on Waves’ is in constant contact.

Visiona does this by changing the blend of chemicals used to store water in a stable condition on board. The influence is so powerful that the chemicals are no longer able to have a negative effect on the water in the ocean.
So now ‘Running on Waves’ is helping to heal the oceans every second it’s out on the high seas. Our profound and sincere gratitude goes out to the crew of this wonderful schooner bark.

Models purchased:
Visiona V4
Regina Nußbaum

Report on the efficacy of ‘Water Programming’
(Test phase >9 months)
The device improves the drinkability of the water. I drink around 3 litres of tap water every day. It feels softer, purifies more profoundly and makes my body feel great.
Many thanks!

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
Petra Tünte

Hi you two,
I told you I was going to attach the two gold half-pipes to the water mains conduit in the basement secretly – because the other residents were too sceptical.
Now I can tell you what happened:

Firstly, the water simply tastes better now, so it’s easier to drink more than previously. What’s really pleasing is that my partner no longer feels itchy after a shower, whereas he used to scratch his back – sometimes even using the door frame when he couldn’t find any other way. At first, when I recently mentioned he hadn’t done it for a while, he was surprised. “You’re right!” he said. Then I told him about the ‘golden nuggets’ down in the basement.

He’s still sceptical, but nevertheless pleased about the result! He no longer feels itchy after showering! I should mention that he suffers from sensitive skin and has been using sheep’s milk soap and shampoo soap under the shower for years. Because we’re both sensitive to certain additives we also only use unscented liquids, powders and tabs on our laundry.

It’s hard to express just how important healthy water is for our bodies and minds. It’s great my partner’s skin has reacted so well. However, in view of the benefits, I think it’s a small price to pay.

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
Michael Tücking

Visiona water has exceeded my expectations. The water from our source tastes less chalky and is milder. I have been washing and showering without soap and shampoo for years, and my skin feels even softer now. We’ve been using the filtre for a year now and the limescale deposits are disappearing from faucets that are now already 50 years old. There are no more residues on plates and glasses from the dishwasher. My mother (70) previously had a slight belching problem when she drank our tap water. Now she enjoys drinking it without any problems.
Those have been the obvious benefits so far, and I’ll keep looking closely for more changes.

It’s been fascinating to observe that our cats spurn normal organic milk, but love the organic milk produced by Demeter. They now happily drink large amount of this milk from their bowls. We can assure you they’re the best, and least-biased, testers in the family. It’s good to know there are people developing technologies like these for everybody’s benefit. Thank you very much indeed!

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
Peter & Heidi Kreutzer

We have Visiona water revitalisation infrastructure installed in our home and it’s part of our lives. Our metropolitan water is now significantly softer and the limescale problems we previously are receding. Tea and coffee taste far better, as do boiled foods, and cleaning with water involves less work.

It’s been fascinating to observe that our cats spurn normal organic milk, but love the organic milk produced by Demeter. They now happily drink large amount of this milk from their bowls. We can assure you they’re the best, and least-biased, testers in the family. It’s good to know there are people developing technologies like these for everybody’s benefit. Thank you very much indeed!

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
D-Shanany Carmen Lanthaler

I’ve been drinking Visiona water since February 2021. It’s an elixir of life, like pure and refreshing spring water from the mountains.

Ever since Visiona water began flowing through our heating pipes and radiators the quality of the air in the house has also been enhanced significantly. It’s not as dry as it was, it’s easier to breathe, and the plants in the rooms are also thriving and growing prodigiously. We’re using smaller amounts of cleaning agents, particularly in the kitchen and the bathroom. I have the feeling that the laundry coming out of the washing machine, regardless of the fibres, is softer and the colours more vibrant than before. I use organic soaps and softeners anyway. Even when no water had run into the basin for a while there used to be an unpleasant odour, but with Visiona water the smell is no longer there. The water is less acidic than it was previously. According to the manufacturer, when natural Visiona water is used for a longer period of time the deposits and calcification in the pipes disappear. That makes me think of the deposits we may have in our arteries and veins. Once they have dissolved, we can enjoy better health again.

Models purchased:
Visiona V2
J. Schaldecker

Having installed Visiona water revitalisation system after our holiday myself, which was really easy, I arranged a before-and-after water test in the laboratory of a local dairy.

Here are the results:

Before Visiona: Hardness 17.8
Chlorine: 0 PH value 6.79
With Visiona:
Chlorine: 0 PH value: 7.74

The lab assistant was amazed at the height of the PH value which was no longer down in the acidic range. We also noticed that the limescale deposits in the taps detached extremely quickly after we installed our Visiona system, and these were being caught by the sieves – making them easy to remove.

Due to extreme froth production in the dishwasher we had to reduce the dish soap dosage by a half. The same was true for our shampoo and shower gel.

An all-round successful project!

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
The Kolb family

In December 2018 we had the quality of the drinking water from our own source analysed by the laboratory in St. Michael. The samples taken from the taps in the kitchen were not good enough to drink; partly because they were strongly polluted with E. coli and enterococci.

In April 2019, once the winter was over, we took another sample from the source and took it to the same laboratory for analysis. This water corresponded with the stipulations of the official drinking water standards as regards the parameters under evaluation. There was no pollution in the source anymore, and impurities and deposits could only be found further downstream in the collection basin and the pipes to the house. The only explanation we could find was that the liquid manure somehow seeped into and polluted the collection basin.

In July 2019 the material faults were remedied and a new collection basin with new pipe conduits were purchased. In August 2019 the Visiona system was installed and in October 2019 I submitted a sample of the water in the kitchen for analysis. According to the lab results, the nitrate levels were still too high for drinking water approval, but there were no more E. coli and enterococci present.

In March 2020 we had another drinking water evaluation, taking the sample from the tap in the kitchen, and this time the water quality passed the test. The analysis only highlighted one result that was three time higher than the first test in October 2018, and that was the UV translucency – a factor not detrimental to drinking water quality.

In March 2020 a friend tested the PH value of our water. The source water registered 5.6 and the Visiona water from the kitchen registered 6.0. In the process of measuring the PH value we saw, very clearly, that the Visiona water was immaculate and pure, while the water straight from the source contained numerous impurities that probably came from the pipes.

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
Vineyard: Weingut Stoiber

Weingut Stoiber in Mörbisch am See is a vineyard with a rich history and we have worked together really well to achieve some wonderful results. We tested the effects of Visiona on wine, and by visioning with Visiona we did indeed find that every wine had a fuller flavour, was better balanced on the palate and easier on the stomach.
The test series was conducted by Mr. Stoiber, a passionate wine grower and connoisseur, during a blind tasting session. Mr. Stoiber immediately recognised what he adoringly referred to as the ‘repaired’ wine by its bouquet and flavour. During this test phase the wine was revitalised with Visiona for just two minutes. The tests are still underway because the immensely positive changes led Mr. Stoiber to offer to test Visiona units in his wine tanks to discover the most effective period for revitalisation.
For this purpose we supplied Visiona’s new industrial-scale product lines. They offer great functional versatility and are very easy to handle. This test procedure yielded numerous very positive and conclusive results. His visioned wine even won a wonderful gold medal. Maybe everyone’s favourite wine can be a gold medal winner with Visiona. Of course, we intend to stay actively involved and to continue to report on the amazing experiences ahead. We would like to thank Mr. Stoiber and his family for their openness and ingenuity, and we look forward to hearing about his upcoming test findings. This unspeakably delightful wine is truly heavenly and delicious thanks to Visiona.

Models purchased:
Visiona K1
The Walcher family

A Visiona 4 was attached to the mains water pipe in our hotel. The savings the hotel has made have been phenomenal: We use 1/3 less detergent and cleaning agent, having to reset their dosages. We were able to reduce the cleaning frequency for the swimming pool from twice to once a week, cut our consumption of chlorine and chemicals by 50% and achieved an immense reduction in the volume of water used. The water filtres no longer need to be changed as often and there has also been a noticeable easing of the chlorine odour. This, and the purified flavour of the drinking water, has been pleasantly beneficial for the wellbeing of guests in the entire spa area – and has been appreciated greatly.

Models purchased:

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