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Visiona reviews

Audio review by: Christopher Bothe

Underfloor heating

Standing on a floor with underfloor heating for long periods of time changed noticeably for me with immediate effect when I put the Visiona balls in the distribution box.

During a shoot that lasted several days, I ended up spending several hours on a floor with underfloor heating, which was very tiring for my body and especially my legs. Not only did standing make my legs heavy and by all accounts fat, but the heating also seemed to have an effect on my physical well-being. Because my job had never given me such physical fatigue, especially in my legs.

After we had laid in the distributor of the water hoses out of curiosity about how Visiona would affect this situation, it was immediately noticeable that the downward pulling heaviness in the legs eased. Working in this room was directly no longer so unusually exhausting for the legs.

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Christopher Bothe

What I have experienced since I purchased my Visiona:

1. my body's ability to detoxify has increased. The second night after I got Visiona, I went to bed at 00:30. Somehow I was fully "electrified". I knew this feeling very well from intensive detox cures, where more heavy metals and other toxins were released. So I got up again at 01:00 and just kept working and drinking lots of water. Around 03:20 I went to bed. When I woke up, I noticed during the day that I had 2 pimples on my forehead. Even when I was young, I hardly ever had pimples. Only when my body was detoxifying heavily and even then it was not natural. For me, this was a very clear sign that the increase in vibration of Visiona released energy for detoxification.

For the last 6 years, (those who have read the text about me know) I have had problems with my hip. There were very painful changes due to an accident in my whole body, starting in my hip. There was a strong asymmetry which caused pain in different areas. Since the first day I had Visiona, I noticed a change. My pain increased a little, my gait changed. There was a centring and a letting go of my muscles and tendons. This was initially accompanied by pain, a so-called "Herxheimer reaction" or "initial worsening". Because of the loosening of the solid structures, they could go into healing. When the body changes, it hurts at first because the old structures are broken up. After 2 days this pain was gone and my joy was accordingly great.

I have been dealing with the subject of health for a very long time now, and for years I have been drinking very pure, highly energised water. By informing myself about the water with Visiona, a lot has changed there. I found it very remarkable that my basic mood improved considerably. I am simply in a better mood. My plants that I am bringing forward for this year are growing enormously. Faster than I have ever experienced. The water in our house has become softer in general, especially when I take a shower. My hair and skin are much softer. My dream intensity and dream memories have increased. I know exactly what to do to be happy and act accordingly.

In the first 3 days that I had the Visiona Set at home, I sat a lot with my grandparents. Of course I always had my Visiona Pyramid with me. My grandfather couldn't stop talking. You have to know that my grandparents are in their mid-80s and take a lot of medication. Accordingly, they often have problems when they want to say something and need a long time to find the right words. But since the day Visiona is in the house he talks a lot about the past, very clearly as if he had just done it. I was so buff, and he never stopped talking, and with such humour that everyone just had to laugh.

Visiona is truly a gift for humanity and for the planet.

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Visiona V1, V3, Vision K1, Visiona P1
Visiona and the oceans of the world

Visiona and the oceans of the world
Since Visiona has set itself the task of restoring healthy and living water to the planet and its inhabitants, the world's oceans, and thus shipping, have a very large part to play in this vision.
With the "Running on Waves", Visiona has been able to win a not only wonderful but also beautiful project to make exactly this vision a reality. By installing 2 Visiona devices in the diesel generators, very high savings - around 1/4 - in fuel consumption were achieved within a short time. You can imagine what this saving alone would mean for the environment when applied to the entire shipping industry.
Furthermore, 2 devices were placed at the water treatment and waste water facilities and have since had a positive effect not only on the water on board, but also on the seawater with which the "Running on Waves" is in contact.

Visiona changes the composition of the chemicals that have to be used on board to stabilise water. And it does so to such an extent that these chemicals can no longer have a negative impact on seawater in this form.
In this way, the "Running on Waves" contributes something to the health of the world's oceans every moment. Many thanks to the crew of this wonderful ship.

Models purchased:
Visiona V4
Regina Nussbaum

Report on the effects of "water programming
(test phase over 9 months)
The device optimises the digestibility of the water. I drink about 3 litres of tap water a day. It tastes softer, has more depth in its purifying effect and pleases my body.
Many thanks!

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
Petra Tünte

Hi you two,
I told you that I would secretly place the two "gold bowls" in the cellar by the water pipe, as my flatmates are too sceptical.
Now I would like to give you my feedback:

First of all, the water just tastes better to me now, so it's easy for me to drink more than before. But what I am particularly happy about is that my partner no longer feels itchy after the shower. He used to rub his back after showering, sometimes even on the door frame if he had to. When I recently pointed out to him that he hadn't done this for a long time, he was surprised himself at first. "Yes, that's right!" Then I told him about the "gold nuggets" in the cellar.

He is still suspicious, but happy that it is so! The itching after the shower is gone! I have to tell you that his skin is very sensitive. He has only used sheep's milk soap for showering and a shampoo soap for years. We have also always washed our clothes only with fragrance-free detergents or soap nuts because we are both so sensitive.
My feeling tells me that it is impossible to put into words what good water means for us, for our body system. The fact that my partner's skin reacts so positively to it is wonderful, but in proportion it is, or so I feel, "only" a trifle !!!!

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
Michael Tücking

My experience with Visiona water exceeds my expectations. The taste of our well water has become softer and milder. I have been washing and showering without soap and shampoo for years and the skin feels even softer. After one year of using the filter, limescale deposits on my taps, which are now 50 years old, are dissolving. No deposits after washing dishes on plates and glasses. My mother (70) used to get a slight belching from our drinking water. Now she likes to drink it without any problems.
Those have been the obvious benefits so far, and I’ll keep looking closely for more changes.

We are fascinated by our cats, who spurn organic milk but love Demeter milk: they now drink water from the bowl with enthusiasm and also in larger quantities. We are sure that they are the best and most unbiased testers in the house. It's nice that there are people who develop such "technology" for the benefit of all! A heartfelt thank you for this.

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
Peter & Heidi Kreutzer

The Visiona water revitalisation system has been installed in our home for some time now and has become part of our house. Our city tap water has become much softer and the limescale, which we always had a hard time with, is much less of a problem. Tea and coffee taste much better, food cooked with water tastes better and cleaning is less of a chore.

We are fascinated by our cats, who spurn organic milk but love Demeter milk: they now drink water from the bowl with enthusiasm and also in larger quantities. We are sure that they are the best and most unbiased testers in the house. It's nice that there are people who develop such "technology" for the benefit of all! A heartfelt thank you for this.

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
D-Shanany Carmen Lanthaler

Visiona is for me, the New Elixir of Life it is such pure refreshing spring water like from the mountain, I have been enjoying it since February 2021.
Since Visiona water has been flowing through the heating and the radiators, the air in the room has changed for the better - it is no longer as dry as it was before, it makes breathing easier, and the houseplants also like it very much - they thrive and grow. The use of cleaning products has decreased, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. When washing clothes, I feel that the various fabrics are softer and the colours are richer than before (I use organic detergent or fabric softener). Even if there was no water running into the basins for a longer period of time, there was a somewhat strong smell, this situation is now "a thing of the past" thanks to Visiona water, it becomes more alkaline. The manufacturer says that the naturalness of Visiona water frees the pipes from deposits and limescale after prolonged use. I am thinking of people's arteries and veins, and that some deposits may disappear and health will be restored.

Models purchased:
Visiona V2
J. Schaldecker

Having installed Visiona water revitalisation system after our holiday myself, which was really easy, I arranged a before-and-after water test in the laboratory of a local dairy.

Here are the results:

Before: Hardness 17.8
Chlorine: 0 PH value 6.79
With Visiona:
Chlorine: 0 PH value: 7.74

The lab technician was amazed at the high PH value, which is now no longer in the acidic range. We also noticed that the limescale deposits in our taps were extremely dissolved after the installation of Visiona and were deposited in the sieves and could therefore be easily removed.

The dosage of detergent in the dishwasher could be reduced to half because of extreme foaming. Likewise the hair shampoo and shower gel.

An all-round successful project!

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
The Kolb family

In December 2018, we had the drinking water from our own spring tested by the St. Michael Quality Laboratory. When samples were taken from the tap in the kitchen, it turned out that it was not of drinking water quality. There was heavy contamination of Escherichia coli and enterococci at that time.

After the winter in April 2019, we had another water sample directly from the spring tested by the same laboratory. This water complies with the drinking water ordinance in the parameters tested. There were no impurities in the spring, only in the collection tank and the piping up to the house. We could only explain this by saying that the liquid manure that had been spread got into the reservoir and contaminated it.

In July 2019, the material deficiencies were remedied and a new basin, with new pipes of the pipeline, was purchased. In August 2019, Visiona arrived. In October 2019, I sent a self-taken sample from the tap in the cows for testing, which showed elevated nitrate levels and was therefore still not drinking water quality according to the laboratory. Enterococci and Escherichia coli were no longer present.

In March 2020, we again had a drinking water report drawn up, which declared the drinking water to be suitable. The water sample was taken from the tap in the kitchen. In the report, only one additional parameter was mentioned, which was three times higher than in the first report from Oct. 2018: the UV permeability. However, it does not affect the quality of the drinking water.

In March 2020, a friend tested the PH of our water. The spring water has a pH value of 5.6 and the Visiona water from the kitchen has a pH value of 6.0. Furthermore, we were able to determine the pH value during this measurement, or rather it was totally recognisable that the Visiona water was totally clear and pure and the water directly from the spring had a few impurities that were probably due to the pipes.

Models purchased:
Visiona V3
Vineyard: Weingut Stoiber

Weingut Stoiber in Mörbisch am See is a vineyard with a long history. Together, we had some wonderful experiences evaluating the effects of Visiona on their wine. Visiona visioning gave each wine a fuller flavour, more balanced sensation on the tongue, and made it easier to digest.
This series of tests was carried out by Mr Stoiber, a passionate winegrower and connoisseur, in a blind tasting. Mr Stoiber immediately recognised the "repaired" wine, as he affectionately put it, by its smell and taste. In this test phase, the wine was revitalised with Visiona for only 2 minutes. The test series is currently still in full swing, as Mr Stoiber, due to the enormous positive change, has offered to test Visiona directly in his wine tanks in order to research the optimal revitalisation times.
Here, the new industrial series from Visiona were used, which can be used variably and are very easy to handle. In this test procedure, he has already been able to achieve many very informative and positive results. He has also already been able to achieve a wonderful gold medal with the Visiona wine. So you can also turn your favourite wine at home into a gold medal winner with Visiona. ?? Of course we will stay tuned and report about these wonderful experiences bit by bit and thank Mr. Stoiber and his family for this genius. We are already looking forward to the next personal test experiences. Because his already unspeakably delicious wine is simply heavenly and digestible with Visiona.

Models purchased:
Visiona K1
The Walcher family

In our hotel, a Visiona 4 was installed on the main water line. The savings that have resulted for the hotel are phenomenal: there was a 1/3 decrease in the consumption of dishwashing detergents and laundry detergents. This meant that the dosing systems had to be readjusted. The cleaning of the swimming pool could be changed from 2x a week to 1x a week. The use of chlorine and chemicals was thus reduced by 50%. Thus, the water consumption could also be reduced enormously. The water filters do not have to be changed as often and the smell of chlorine has decreased. A pleasant feel-good effect for the entire wellness area, which the guests appreciate very much, in addition to the now tasty and lively drinking water quality.

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